[Pre-Order] PBT Doggie Keycaps

  • [Pre-Order] PBT Doggie Keycaps

[Pre-Order] PBT Doggie Keycaps


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We're proud to launch Infinikey PBT Doggie Keycaps designed by Nhils. 

Doggie is inspired by my Golden Retriever, and comments we received on one of Nhils' posts on r/mechmarket about everyone's favorite dog breeds. 

Doggie Wonderland and Lazy Afternoon deskmats are the matching deskmats for this set.

If you order it after October 1st, they will ship out in November.

Due to the weight and size of this product, it will not qualify for free shipping like some of our other products. Returns are not accepted on Pre-Order and GB items.

Do you want your dog's picture printed on the Doggie keycap set packaging?

Picture submissions are closed as of March 1st, as we placed the order with the factory. 

We wanted to make this set even more special for those of you with dogs! So, we will be printing pictures of all dog pictures we received, in collage format, on the packaging of the sets (at the backside). We will be reaching out to you via email for photograph submission details. So far this seems possible, however, there is a chance that we might not be able to print the pictures on the packaging due to technological limitations. 


    • Switch Compatibility: MX Compatible – works with Cherry MX switches and MX-style switches.
    • Material: PBT Plastic
    • Method: Dye Sublimation & Reverse Dye Sublimation 
    • Profile: Cherry 
    • Spacebar Size: Both 6.25u and 7u
    • Manufacturer: Infinikey
    • Key Count:
      • Base Kit: 127
      • Novelties Kit: 48
      • Ortho/40%/ISO Kit: 29

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    Due to the nature of pre-orders, all timelines are estimated and there can be delays during shipping and manufacturing that are outside of our control.

    No refunds or cancellations are allowed for this product.

    If you order it after October 1st, they will ship out in November.

    The buyer understands that these items are a Pre-Order and will not be shipping out immediately like those that we currently stock in our inventory.