[IC] Apollo TKL

  • [IC] Apollo TKL

[IC] Apollo TKL


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Apollo TKL is a premium gasket-mount TKL by KeebsForAll. Case is CNC'ed Aluminum, and Apollo TKL features a brass weight. The side profile has been inspired by the shape of a recurve bow.

It will be a limited GB. 

Group Buy Dates: TBA

Apollo TKL includes: 

  • Top Case (Aluminum)
  • Bottom Case  (Aluminum)
  • Plate (Aluminum (e-white, e-black, e-burgundy, e-navy) or FR4)
  • Weight (PVD Brass / Silver Brass)
  • Hot-Swap PCB (Per-Key LEDs)
  • Silicone Dampener
  • Poron Gaskets
  • Silicone Feet
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Screws
  • Cable
  • Carrying Case

Case & Aluminum Plate Color Options (All E-Coated):

  • White
  • Black
  • Navy (Pantone: 2188C)
  • Burgundy (Pantone: 188C)

You can mix and match the top and bottom case, and aluminum plate colors (i.e. White Top Case & Burgundy Bottom Case, Black Aluminum Plate).

Credits: Sehonky, Dingus, Gondo, TheBlackHammer