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A batch of Durock POM linear mechanical keyboard switches.A single Durock POM linear mechanical keyboard switch.
A batch of JWK Durock tactile POM T1 sunflower mechanical keyboard switches with one switch at the front.A single JWK Durock tactile T1 POM sunflower mechanical keyboard switch.
Durock Dolphin Silent Linear Switches at KeebsForAllGroup of Durock Dolphin Silent Linear Switches
Durock Dolphins Switches Sale price$0.69
Durock Black Lotus Linear SwitchesDurock Black Lotus Linear Switches
Durock White Lotus Tactile SwitchesDurock White Lotus Tactile Switches
Durock Blue Lotus T1 Tactile SwitchesDurock Blue Lotus T1 Tactile Switches
Durock Tactile SwitchesDurock Tactile Switches
Durock Tactile Switches Sale price$0.55
Durock Lupine SwitchesDurock Lupine Switches
Durock Lupine Switches Sale price$0.70
Durock L-Series SwitchesDurock L3 Pink switches front view
Durock L-Series Switches Sale priceFrom $0.55
Durock Silent Shrimp Tactile SwitchesWant some switch comparable from the Boba U4T? Try these silent tactiles from Durock, these are pretty smooth and silent for being a tactile
JWK Jwick Black T1 SwitchesJWK Jwick Black T1 Switches
Durock Daybreak Linear SwitchesDurock Daybreak Linear Switches
jwick blacks group viewJwick White 10 switches in a bag.