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Neo80 by Qwertykeys
a sleek fusion of design and customization. Refined aesthetics, like slim bezels and a rounded chamfer, create a softer appearance. The RGB Orbit Logo adds something without distraction.

The 80% layout, featuring curved edges, offers a stylish yet functional design. Customize further with dual-tone vibes using golden or silver bottom cases.

Artistry extends to every detail, with minimalist styles and innovative techniques like stone-washing. Precision engineering is evident in the proprietary ball-catch system, ensuring a sleek design without compromise.

Versatility is paramount, with various mounting styles allowing you to tailor the sound profile to your preference. The Neo80 — where design seamlessly meets functionality, and customization knows no bounds.

Please note the Top and Bottom Case are the same color, unless specified otherwise. All options are WK layout only. 

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by Qwertykeys

All About The Neo80

Compared to compact keyboards, the 80% layout tends to be bulky. Therefore, we decided not to follow the same side profile as our previous products. The combination of curved edges and chamfers gives the Neo80 a softer and more dynamic side profile.

Customized Ball-Catch Structure

The size of the mechanisms, the number of balls, and the spring pressure have all been optimized based on the design of the Neo80. We also intentionally shifted the touchpoint of the ball to one side of the latch so that the lifespan of the entire system could be extended by reversing the direction of the latch.

Magnetic Connectors

Neo80 employs magnetic connectors for streamlined assembly, ensuring simplicity without compromising sophistication.

Plateless, Gasket, O-ring, Sandwich, and more.

In addition to the regular plateless, gasket mount, and O-ring mount, we also experimented with an upgraded sandwich mount on the Neo80. In this configuration, the plate is placed on brass pillars that are attached to the bottom case, creating another channel for sound transmission. You can also combine multiple mounting styles to achieve the desired sound profile that best suits your preference.