[GB] Coarse60 Full Kit

  • [GB] Coarse60 Full Kit

[GB] Coarse60 Full Kit


Coarse60 Kit includes: Aluminum Case, Aluminum/POM Plate, Hot-Swap PCB, screws, and silicone bumpons

If you are looking to purchase the Coarse60 keyboard parts individually, please check out here.

Coarse60 Plate Foam

Board designed by seh0nky x KeebsForAll

"I wanted to make a beginner-friendly aluminum alice. Offerings from TGR and other high-end brands are just not feasible for beginners. The Coarse60 aims to provide a seamless aluminum keyboard with premium features for an affordable price." -seh0nky


Keyboard Size: 60%

Colors: E-coated black, E-coated navy, and E-coated white

Mounting Style: Top mount with leaf springs

PCB/layouts: Fully Hot-Swap; Does not support ISO

Case Materials: Aluminum Case, acrylic panel

Plate Materials: Aluminum & White POM

Front height: ~20.5mm

Typing angle: 6.9°

O-ring materials (optional): nitrile rubber, 2mm thick

Weight: 1.2 kg or 2.65 lbs when fully assembled with switches & keycaps

Dimensions: Width: 14.25 inch & Depth: 5.3 inch

(You will need 6 x 2u stabilizers!)

Supported Stabilizers: Screw in & PCB Clip in
Does NOT Support: Costar & Plate Mount

GB Dates: October 3rd - November 7th 

Fulfillment: Early Q2 2022



US: You're here!

Canada: Ashkeebs

UK: Keebcats

EU: Keygem

OCE: DailyClack

SEA: ZionStudios.PH


Renders: Coarse60 with GMK Nightlight (frostykoala)

(Group Buy) Coarse60 estimated to ship out early Q2 2022.

Please note that this is a group buy product, there may be delays and the timeline is just an estimate. By purchasing this, you agree that you will be charged right away and there is no exceptions on cancellation.  Please keep in mind that product colors might not exactly match the colors displayed on the renders. 

*This is a Group Buy product, if you include any in-stock items with the order, they will be shipped at the same time, if you want the in-stock items ASAP, please order separately, thank you!*