Durock V1 Stabilizers Kit (6.25U Screw-in)

  • Durock V1 Smokey Screw-in Stabilizers, better made than Cherry Stabilizers. Low rattle and sturdy build. No need to clip the legs and washers and screws all included.

Durock V1 Stabilizers Kit (6.25U Screw-in)


These are the Smokey Durock V1 screw-in stabilizers with 6.25U wire,  well-made for low-rattle & does not need to be clipped. Much more consistently stable and smooth than Cherry screw-in stabilizers. 

Difference between the Durock V1 & Durock V2 is the tightness around where you pop in the wire into place. As V1 had cases where the wires would pop out as you pull out keycaps sometimes.

Stabilizer Kit:

  • 4 x 2u 
  • 1 x 6.25u 
  • Red fiber washers & screws


  • Screw-In
  • Smokey
  • Gold-Plated Wires and Screws
  • Nylon PA