[Discontinued] FB60 Rev1 60% HOT SWAP PCB

  • [Discontinued] FB60 Rev1 60% HOT SWAP PCB

[Discontinued] FB60 Rev1 60% HOT SWAP PCB


This is a DISCONTINUED product, which means it's still fully functional, but has either a minor cosmetic issue or has some minor inconvenience when installing or operating it. As such, the product is being SOLD AS-IS at a heavily DISCOUNTED price for people who are willing to deal with minor inconvenience. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you're aware of the issues ahead of time and still want to purchase and is ok with this item not being eligible for our typical refund policy. Discount codes are not eligible for this item as it is already heavily discounted.

Defect: This product has a minor defect where one of the hot-swap sockets is blocking the screw opening for one of the shift key stabilizers on the right-hand side. The PCB is still fully functional and we've found no noticeable difference in the stability of the stabilizer that's not screwed in as long as the plate and switches are mounted on the PCB.

FreeBird60: modular hot-swap PCB

In the standard 60% form factor, but with hot-swap compatibility for an arrow-key layout, this PCB is everything you’ll need in a 60% PCB.


  • Hot swap sockets for two layouts
  • QMK Compatibility
  • VIA Compatibility
  • PCB mount stabilizer support
  • USB-C Connection


Your PCB should already be flashed with a VIA-compatible firmware. However, if you ever need to reflash your PCB, you can take a look at the instructions in our tutorial here - https://keebsforall.com/blogs/tutorials-for-beginners/how-to-flash-pcb-keyboard-with-qmk - on how to do it with QMK. If you need a copy of the VIA-compatible HEX file (firmware), you can join our discord server and find the firmware in a dedicated firmware channel there.