Gateron Yellow Ink V2 Linear Switches

  • A small batch of Gateron yellow ink linear mechanical keyboard switches.

Gateron Yellow Ink V2 Linear Switches


These premium linear switches are perfect for users who like the feel and sound of the famous Gateron Black Ink switches but prefer a lighter bottom-out force. Great for programmers, gamers, and people who need to type a lot throughout the day! The sound is light enough for use at an office or workplace.

Sound Profile:

1. Taeha Types (Youtube)

2. Worbeye (Youtube)

Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes (Always order a few more just in case if you're unsure):

  • 120 - full size
  • 92 - TKL
  • 80 - 75%
  • 70 - 65%
  • 65 - 60%
  • 45 - 40%
     Type Linear
    Travel Distance 1.5mm Actuation | 3.5mm Bottom Out
    Typing Force 60g Operating | 67g Bottom Out
    Manufacturer Gateron
    Mount PCB (5 pins)