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[IC] FreeBirdTKL


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Our first keyboard project, the FreeBird60, surprisingly, had many interest, so we decided to make "FreeBird" a series of good quality & affordable keyboards! 

We have noticed that there are not that many affordable and quality TKL keyboards in the market, so we have decided to work on FB TKL as our next project, with Dingus and Taylor. Just like FB60, FB TKL will be an aluminum board, and it will be offered in 4 E-Coated colors. Also, offering WKL! Yes, we heard you WKL lovers!!!

Mounting Style: Top Mount or Gummy O-ring

Typing Angle: 5 degrees

FBTKL Full Kit Includes:

  • E-Coated CNC Machined Aluminum Case (Black, Navy, Olive, & White)
  • Switch Plate (Aluminum, POM, FR4, & PC)
  • FBTKL Hot-Swap PCB (QMK & VIA Ready) [MX Switches ONLY]
  • Durock V2 Screw-in Stabilizers
  • Silicone Case Dampener & Feet
  • Screws & Gummy O-ring
  • USB-C Cable
  • Carrying Case

FBTKL Case Only Includes:

  • E-Coated CNC Machined Aluminum Case (Black, Navy, Olive, & White)
  • Silicone Case Dampener & Feet
  • Screws & Gummy O-Ring
  • Carrying Case


FBTKL Hot-Swap Layout

FreeBird TKL Hot-Swap Keys Layout

H88 Solder PCB (Compatible with FBTKL Case & Supports ISO)

H88 Solder ISO compatible with FBTKL


Group Buy Estimated Launch at November 2021

Full Kit: ~220 USD

Case Only Kit: ~120 USD (TBD)

Extra Plates: ~24 USD

Extra Hot-Swap PCB: ~70 USD


Join the waitlist to get 2 days early access as well as priority in shipping!

Special thanks to:

Dingus for Case Design
Taylor for PCB Design
TheBlackHammer & oggi for Renders
All of our community members!!!

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