JANUARY: 60% O-Ring Mount

  • JANUARY: 60% O-Ring Mount

JANUARY: 60% O-Ring Mount


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GROUP BUY ENDED ON DEC 20TH 2022. Extras will be available after group buy orders fulfilled  

January Base Kit is estimated to ship out in Q4 2023.

The January is a 60% O-ring mounted board featuring a gentle side sweep with a rounded front and back. As with most o-ring mounted boards, the January is compatible with a variety of o-rings and plate options. Designed by Artemis Design Studios.

Price Range: $270 not including a PCB (PCBs can be purchased separately as add-ons)

- Aluminum Case ($270):

  • Steel Blue
  • Crimson
  • Silver

- Frosted PC Case ($270)
- Smoked PC Case($295)

Case Specifications:

  • Typing Angle: 6 degrees
  • Mounting Style: O-Ring
  • Case Material and Color: Frosted Polycarbonate/Aluminum
  • Plate Options: 1.5 mm Aluminum
  • PCB Options: Hot-Swap, Solderable
  • Weight Material and Finish: Sandblasted Copper

Layout Options:

  • Normal and Stepped Caps Lock
  • Normal and Split Backspace
  • Full and Split Right Shift
  • Bottom Row: 1.25u 1.25u 1.25u 6.25u 1.25u 1.25u 1.25u 1.25u
  • Bottom Row: 1.5u 1u 1.5u 7u 1.5u 1u 1.5u

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