KFA 60% Universal Brass Plate

Sale price$45.00

Universal 60% Brass Plate that is compatible with most 60% cases in the market.

We're super excited to be expanding our plate options for the FB60. We started with the original Aluminum plate material, but now we've added a brass option to the mix. There is no difference between all the plate designs other than the material and their weights.

Brass plates are perfect for people looking to achieve a specific ping from their typing experience and are great for those who prefer a stiffer and solid typing feel.

This is a custom CNCed brass plate designed to fit the FB60 PCBs and other standard ANSI 60% PCBs where the left shift is 2.25u. Comes in a gold/bronze color.

This product only supports screw-in stabilizers!



 Dimensions 3.9 inches x 11.5 inches
Weight 156 g
Material Brass

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