[KFA MARKETPLACE] Holy Glacial Panda Tactile x70 (Lubed/Filmed/Broken-in) #2

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Holy Glacial Panda Tactile x70 (Lubed/Filmed/Broken-in) #2

Description: Popular YOK BSUN Full-POM Glacial Panda housing + Drop Halo Clear Stem. A Holy-panda archetype that superior to its polycarbonate Drop Invyr counterpart. Due to the long stem clashing against the POM bottom housing, the switch creates a unique deeper and mited sound signature than the typical loud and clackier sound acoustic of the Drop Pandas. As with my goal of creating end game experiences, I've actuated these guys off centered (75k each side) to make them as smooth stock as possible before lubing. These come with a 67g spring that has been lubed with GPL 106 and bottom housing lubed with Tribosys 3203 for smoothness and filmed with clear PC films for a tight wobble tolerance. If you're a fa nof the rounded D-profile bump of the Holy Panda switch, these are endgame tactile. This isn't as tactile as the rounded tactile king that is the Holy Bobas, but it is special for its muted thock. If you're curious, it is quite a bit muted sounding compared to the Boba U4Ts.

Condition: 5 out of 5

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