[KFA MARKETPLACE] Lubed Pearl Bobagums (75x)

  • [KFA MARKETPLACE] Lubed Pearl Bobagums (75x)

[KFA MARKETPLACE] Lubed Pearl Bobagums (75x)


Pearl Bobagums (75x)

Description: 75x Pearl Bobagums that have been lubed with Loob 3g using Gazzews recommended lubing method, 62g springs donut dipped with Gazzews Blend #7. These are a Silent Linear Frankenswitch that are the exact same as the all Pink Bobagums, only difference is aesthetics (Using the Pearl housing from the U4/U4Ts) and that the bottom housing is from a tactile leaf Boba (Does not make the switch tactile because the stem has a linear shape). I put these together because I had a clear case keyboard to put them in and did not want to see the pink housings from the regular bobagums bleed through the case. I will also will be including some left overs I had: 16x Pink Bobagums 62g (same lubing method as above) and 1x BobaU4T. 

Condition: 4 out of 5

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