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Mr. Suit R2 Black Golden WK

Description: Black Golden ANSI WK Mr. Suit from R2 GB. Used for 6 months, giving it a 4 out of 5 because it’s been used but I have taken really good care of this board while in my possession. Protective film of exterior weight has been removed, but no marks/scratches/scuffs present. Includes two hotswap pcbs (one that I have used for my build and has some switch removal marks/scratches on it, *see picture for reference* still works perfectly, and the other pcb is brand new/unused), two PE foams (one that was used for my build what I did is I cut around the parts where the stabs are so I can easily remove it between rebuilds, still works as intended see picture for reference, and the other PE foam is brand new/uncut), one POM plate (used mainly), one FR4 plate (used for a bit), two PCB foams with the spacebar portion already cut but inside the bags with the plates, one case foam, one black Mr. Suit Artisan. Now onto the Owlab stabilizers, so I used these for my personal build but I used xht-bdz and this stuff is really hard to clean, so the most I did was clean it off from the wires, it’s difficult to clean from the stems and housings themselves so I left them as is. The Owlab stabilizers are still good to use the only thing is now you’re limited to using bdz, so to make up for that I’ll include a brand new set of 1.2mm black rev3 TX stabilizers (7u). All other items such as gasket socks(19x), two extra case feet, standoffs, stabilizer stuff (screws, shims, washers, stab pads), and microfiber cloth are included.

Condition: 4 out of 5

Status: Received and Verified

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