[KFA MARKETPLACE] SOTCs (70x; Lubed and Filmed) #2

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Ultra Sonic Cleaned/Whiped Creamed 500k/Lubed SOTCs (x70) #2

Description: These "Whipped Creamed SOTCs" are SOTCs switches that have been mechanically broken in for +500k actuations (30 hours at 17,000 rpm rate). This simulate years of normal use to ensure the contact points between switch rails and bottom housing has been polished of any factory mold imperfections. They can be used stock, however, I've found breaking them for an even greater extended period than normal past 300k actuation to 500k enables them to be silky smooth. This is a full POM switch much like the NK Creams but with the added smoothness that comes with the quality check from JWK manufacturer. To that point, within these switches JWK introduced their newest and most advanced "LY" material which is smoother than UHMWPE but retains the high pitch clack sound provide as opposed to the mutedness of the former. The reason this stem was used was to address the issue of a higher coefficient of friction of the standard POM stems used in traditional all-POM switches. As mentioned before, using them stock is fine. However, it retains a slight plasticky thin topping out noise that doesn't sound very pleasant. For this switch, lubing without breaking them in would not change the sound signature much. But by breaking them in, disassembling them and ultrasonic cleaning them for 1 hour from any factory lube, and the appliance of premium lube brings a richer and fuller tone to the high pitch clack. The bottom housing and all 4 sides of the stem is lubed with Krytox 205g0. The stock double stage spring is lubed with a decent coat of GPL 106. The switch is then mounted on the break-in machine and actuated another 17k times to ensure a smooth distribution of lube within the switch. These do not benefit in sound or increased stem woble tolerance from filming and thus are excluded. These are long pole switches that are smoother than the zakus (which is considered an S tier by both Switch and Click, as well as many other renowned enthusiasts), but also are higher pitch on the clack spectrum. These have been reviewed and are considered clack endgame by NearLucid.

Condition: 5 out of 5

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