[KFA MARKETPLACE] Creamsicles (70x; Lubed and Flimed)

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Ultra Sonic Cleaned/ Whiped Creamed 500K/Lubed Creamsicles (x77)

Description: Creamsicle switch assembled using broken in Tangerine bottom housing + cherry picked UHMWPE REV 4.0 stems (quality checked for no slip stick issues) + NK Cream V1 Housing. UHMWPE housing + stem results in the SMOOTHEST possible switch combination stock. Added on with 500K OFF-CENTERED (125K each side) actuations, Krytox 205g0 and GLP 106 on springs results in a slippery smooth type feel unparalleled to anything you've laid your fingers on before. Aside from the stick slip issue, these have also been quality checked for stem shrinkage as well. It is the very top echelon currently that outpaces the Zakus, SOTCs, Creampacas, Creamerons, Tealios V2 and the Gat Black Inks V2 in the smoothness department. These come in 62g gold plated standard springs. The UHMWPE stems are longer than the standard JWK stems, but not as long as the popular NK Cream v1 stems. The POM top housing contributes to a very unique sound that is deep but also poppy at the same time. A UHMWPE housing is already unique to TKC Equalz line of switches. Now add a stem of the same material and a POM top housing. This is it ladies and gentlemen. I've done everything I could to max out its stats. I give you the original triple layered Creamsicles.

Condition: 5 out of 5

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