Macaroon Deskmat

  • Macaroon Deskmat

Macaroon Deskmat


This deskmat is a collaboration between KeebsForAll and Natoyashi (Discord community member). It features many people's favorite dessert-the macaroon.

This is perfect for people who are working on a cute or colorful themed desk setup. The best part is that it's an in-stock product. No more waiting for Group Buys or Interest Checks to get your hands on this yummy mat!

"When I designed this mat the idea came up to mind when my love for macarons. I always loved them since I was a little kid so I figured why not creating a design that is related to it!" - Natoyashi


The mat uses durable materials so that even after long periods of use with keyboards and mice, it stays in the same condition as if you bought it yesterday.

  • 900mm x 400mm
  • 4mm thick
  • Stitched edges
  • High quality printing process
  • Design by Natoyashi