Zoom65 V2 by Meletrix

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Case Color: Ivory Cream

Case Color

Weight/Knob: Anodized Pink


Zoom65 V2 by Meletrix

Introducing the Meletrix Zoom65 V2 - the newest keyboard in the Zoom Series. This revised version features a glass backplate, external weight, knob, bluetooth, and RGB.

Available during this first pre-order are 14 case colors and 9 weight/knob colors and finishes. A superbly customizable feature full keyboard at an approachable price.

Zoom65 V2 Kit Contents:

  • Aluminum top & bottom case of buyer's choice
  • Aluminum / SS external weight of buyer's choice
  • Glass backplate (same color as the case)
  • Aluminum/brass rotary knob matching the external weight
  • Hot-swap, multi-layout Bluetooth /VIA PCB with per-key RGB
  • (Compatible with VIA. ESD Protected. Can be used in wired or wireless mode.)
  • Daughterboard/JST cable
  • Polycarbonate plate
  • Gasket Sleeves
  • Set of WS Stabilizers V3
  • Li-ion battery
  • Coiled USB-C cable
  • Poron Dampener kit
  • Silicone keyboard feet
  • Screws and other installation tools and accessories
  • Storage case


Zoom65 EE V2 Specifications:

  • Gasket mount design
  • 65% Layout
  • PCB: 1.2mm, with Ai03 DB
  • 6.5° Typing angle
  • 20 mm front height
  • Finish treatment: electrostatic sprayed, nano coated
  • Default plate: PC
  • Bluetooth PCB polling rate in wired mode: 1000hz
  • Bluetooth PCB can be used in wired or wireless mode.


  • Essential kit with Alu knob/ weight/Glass Mirror Back Plate: 1.35 kg
  • Essential kit with brass knob / PVD SS weight/ Glass Mirror Back Plate: 1.64kg
  • Essential kit with Alu knob/ weight/PVD Back Plate: 1.44 kg
  • Essential kit with brass knob / PVD SS weight/PVD Back Plate: 1.73 kg
  • Internal SS weight: 0.234 kg


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