[Pre-Order] Zoom75 Triple Mode by Meletrix

  • [Pre-Order] Zoom75 Triple Mode by Meletrix

[Pre-Order] Zoom75 Triple Mode by Meletrix


Zoom75 by Meletrix

Pre-Order Dates: May 5th, until supplies last
Estimated Fulfillment: July, 2023

LCD screen only works with wireless version, not wired.

Zoom75 Collection (Other Kit Options & Add-Ons), you can find them here.

Introducing the Zoom75 by Meletrix - the ultimate keyboard for customizers and enthusiasts alike! With a staggering 15 standard colors and 4 special edition colors, you're sure to find the perfect colorway to fit your style. But that's not all - the Zoom75 offers endless customization options with 13 back plates, 9 weights, and 11 knobs to choose from.

Featuring a sleek 2u LCD, knobs, and badges, the Zoom75 is as functional as it is beautiful. And with triple mode functionality, you can easily switch between wired, wireless, and Bluetooth modes for ultimate flexibility.

Zoom75 Customization Options:
  • 15 Standard Colors (Electrostatic Sprayed, Nano Coated (GT Silver))
  • 4 Special Edition Colors (Electrophoresis, Anodized)
  • 13 Backplate Colors
  • 9 Bottom Weight Colors
  • 11 Knob Colors

Zoom75 Supported Specifications:
  • Gasket mount
  • 75% Layout
  • PCB: Tri-Mode (Wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4g)
  • 20.14mm front height
  • 5° Typing angle
Zoom75 Supported Layouts:
  • WK
  • 6.25u & 7u spacebar
  • ISO & ANSI
  • Split Spacebar (3u-1u-3u)
  • Split backspace
  • Split left shift
  • Stepped caps lock
  • Per key RGB
  • Hotswap
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2.4G Hz
  • VIA compatible
Zoom75 2u LCD Features:
  • Internet speed
  • Messaging Notifications (Discord, WeChat, and QQ)
  • Static Image Display
  • Bluetooth Pairing Status
  • Fan Speed
  • Future Support for Dynamic GIF Display
  • Typing speed animation
  • GPU, CPU Temperature
  • Time & Date
  • Memos
  • Battery Percentage

Zoom75 Quality Disclaimer

Please note that this is a GB/Pre-order, there may be delays and the timeline is just an estimate. By purchasing this, you agree that you will be charged right away and there are no cancellations, no exceptions. Please keep in mind that product colors might not exactly match the colors displayed on the renders. 

*This is a Group Buy/Pre-order product, if you include any in-stock items with the order, they will be shipped at the same time, if you want the in-stock items ASAP, please order separately, thank you!*