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Kailh BOX White Switches - KeebsForAllKailh BOX White Switches - KeebsForAll
Kailh BOX White Switches Sale price$0.30
Kailh pro purples, the most popular pro switch on Kailh line. Due to being quite similar to the browns.
Kailh BOX Browns, mx cherry clone, with its box molding, there is much less wobble compared to the cherries.
Kailh BOX Brown Switches Sale price$0.30
Kailh Pro Burgundy switches, great alternative of yellow switches with quicker response.
Kailh BOX Red Switches - KeebsForAllKailh BOX Red Switches - KeebsForAll
Kailh BOX Red Switches Sale price$0.30
Kailh BOX Black Switches - KeebsForAllKailh BOX Blacks, mx cherry clone, but in a box shape and better pricing
Kailh BOX Black Switches Sale price$0.30
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Kailh PRO Light Green Switches - KeebsForAllKailh PRO Light Green Switches - KeebsForAll
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Kailh BOX Navy Switches - KeebsForAllKailh BOX Navy Switches - KeebsForAll
Kailh BOX Navy Switches Sale price$0.30
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Kailh BOX Jade Switches - KeebsForAllKailh BOX Jade Switches - KeebsForAll
Kailh BOX Jade Switches Sale price$0.30