KFA Design Studio

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KFA Design Studio welcomes talented designers. At KFA, we work with designers to bring their vision to life. We make it easy for designers to not worry about the strenuous process in putting their design into a real product. We provide reasonable pricing which includes no upfront cost front the designer, swift lead times, and good quality products. 

KFA Designer Benefits


  • Our production process turnaround is optimized for swift lead times.

Quality Check

  • We produce physical prototypes to ensure accuracy of the design before launching the product. We also handle the costs pertaining to prototypes which can be a financial burden for designers.

Accessorize that design

  • Besides keyboards we can produce other accessories as in desk mats, keycaps, and custom aviator cables.

Customer Service & Marketing

  • We will handle fulfillment and customer service pertaining to the product along with marketing. We’ll market your design on social media in front of a devoted keyboard enthusiast following using the platforms as in email marketing, our social media outlets and website.

Competitive Payouts

  • We offer competitive payments to designers. We will offer new iteration reruns for successful products.

Free Designer Set and Designer Discount

  • We give the designer a copy of their product on us and provide a designer discount for all KFA products.