[Pre-Order] Bridge75 Extra Add-Ons

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Item: Extra Tri-Mode PCB (No RGB)


Enhance your Bridge75 experience with our range of premium add-ons, designed to take your keyboard to the next level of customization and performance.

Extra Tri-Mode PCBs are equipped with foams and an additional 2.4g dongle. However, they do not include a battery. It is important to note that the foam set varies depending on the specific version of the PCB.

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A premium aluminum mechanical keyboard that's ready to impress right out of the box. With its superior design and acoustics, this keyboard offers a premium feel at an incredible starting price.

Resources & Firmware
[Coming Soon] Bridge75 - KeebsForAll

Front Design

A clean, tidy front appearance that effortlessly fits into any table space, without overpowering or taking center stage.

[Coming Soon] Bridge75 - KeebsForAll

Back Design

The harmonious blend of diverse materials and craftsmanship elevates the keyboard to a new level of sophistication. Featuring two types of foot pads seamlessly integrated into the back design, the result is a cohesive and refined aesthetic.

Ball Catch Structure

Not only is the appearance screw-free, but it's also easy to disassemble and assemble. Therefore, screws are swapped for a ball-catch structure for quick release instead.

PCB & Foam

For the inner structure, a customized approach was chosen, featuring a 1.2mm Hotswap, Gasket Mounted PCB with a black core board. Unlike the commonly used yellow core boards, the black core offers superior toughness and stability, resulting in enhanced sound and feel.

PCB & Foam

The Bridge75 features premium imported Inoue PORON sandwich cotton, an IPXE switch underpad, PET foam, EPDM case foam, and an insulating pad. This combination ensures cleaner, more solid, and concentrated typing sounds. Additionally, the Bridge75 includes an ESD sheet to prevent shorting, enhancing its durability and reliability.

Fully Assembled

The Bridge75 comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. It features MMD Princess Linear Switches (available with Bridge75 or Bridge75 PLUS) or SC Magnetic Switches (Bridge75 HE), along with doubleshot two-toned PBT keycaps.

Bridge75 HE

The e-sports magnetic switch version of the Bridge75 supports an 8kHz return rate, full-key real-time tracking, and dynamic key travel. This enables customized ultra-short strokes, precise triggering, and ensures stability and reliability.

[Pre-Order] Bridge75 Extra Add-Ons - KeebsForAll

Extra PCBs and Plates

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MMD Princess Linear Switches
  • Linear Switch
  • Operating Force: 42g
  • Bottom-out Force: 48g
  • Pre-travel: 1.9mm
  • Travel: 3.6mm


SC Magnetic Switches
  • Linear Switch
  • Operating Force: 45g
  • Bottom-out Force: 55g
  • Pre-travel: 1.9mm
  • Travel: 3.6mm