[Pre-Order] Cupid Switches by Chaosera

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Switch Type: Cupid Switch 48g Spring(Lubed Version)

Switch Type

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The lovely switches from Chaosera

Silky Smooth Precision

Revolutionize your typing experience with Chaosera Cupid Switches, boasting a POM+UPE+MoS2 blend that ensures an unparalleled smoothness in every keystroke.

Tailored Tactility

Choose your typing destiny with two factory lubing options – the crisp 48g version for optimal tactility or the distinctive 63.5g version with a unique dry film lubrication method, providing a personalized touch to your keyboard feel.

Versatile Performance

Embrace customization with Chaosera Cupid Switches, offering both factory-lubed and unlubed versions, so you can tailor your keyboard's performance to suit your unique preferences.