[Pre-Order] Nomad [E] by Work Louder

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Colorways: Atomic

Nomad [E] by Work Louder

The Nomad [E] keyboard masterfully merges work and play, designed to swiftly usher you into your productivity zone and keep you there. This innovative tool is powered by the scientifically-backed Pomodoro Technique, featuring a crisp 1.9” IPS display with an integrated timer to promote focused work intervals followed by short breaks. 

Work Louder's commitment to community-driven development is evident, with plans to introduce third-party widgets that further customize your experience. The keyboard's nostalgic colorways and meticulous design, including durable reverse dye-sublimated keycaps and a multifunctional magnetic ruler, make it not only a practical tool but also a centerpiece of any workspace. With Nomad [E], entering and maintaining your flow state becomes effortlessly attainable.


by Work Louder

Know Productivity - Efficiency - Passion - Creativity with no limits. A crisp IPS display boasts everything from pomodoro timer, to a playful Tamagotchi-style companion, a trusty clock and much more.

[no] compromise - [e] for everyone -[no] distractions - 

Backed by Science

The integrated pomodoro timer leverages a scientifically proven work/rest methodology that is adaptable to any workflow – empowering you to accomplish more in less time.

Mechanical & Hotswap

We redesigned our custom keycaps to hug your fingertips even more perfectly than before. Mounted on our custom tuned “Atomic” MX Gateron hotswap switches, so you can try different switches without needing to desolder them.

Deeper spherical dishing on the alpha keys, and a flat profile on the modifiers helps you type with confidence, no matter if it’s for work, or play.

Atomic switch:Low-profile / Linear / 37gr / double stage spring / pre-lubed

Make it Yours

With Input, our “no code” keyboard configurator, you can intuitively map shortcuts and custom actions to any key, or dial, for surprisingly new levels of efficiency.

You can group similar functions on one key using Input’s Multi-tap. For example, tap a key to copy, double-tap the same key to paste, and tap and hold cut – easy.

Devilish Attention to Detail

Everything about the Nomad [E]’s design has been optimized to make it robust, beautiful, and reliable.

From the reverse dye sublimated keycaps that will never chip or fade, to the low profile dials, to the magnetic incliner that doubles as a metric/imperial ruler, we’ve thought of it all.