[Pre-Order] Cerakey Mac Set V2 Ceramic Keycaps

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Cerakey Keycaps V2 are here! Crafted from silky smooth alumina ceramic, they offer the perfect "thocky" sound. With 114 keys in the Cherry profile, nine colors, and the option of Blank or Legends, these keycaps are durable and visually stunning. Take a look at the Mac Set here!

Find the full Cerakey V2 keycap set here.


Ceramic Keycaps


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Own Your Ceramic Typing Style

Make any key touch flow with artful elegance and exquisite thock to defy dull typing experience by typing on ceramic keycap, a magical blend of craft and tech which works with style. 

Made of alumina ceramics, each keycap offers ultra smooth and thocky typing with a range of glaze color and legend options. Each glaze achieves fabulous luster while crazed keycap has exclusive crazed effect, allowing you to create your own ceramic typing style like never before.

Unique Crazed Effect

Imperfect with 'crack', perfect with aesthetic.

As our flagship keycap, crazed keycap shines with its unique crazed effect while retaining all ceramic features, showing Chinese ceramic craft at its finest.

The crazing takes months of glazing and firing to ensure the effect does not fade away easily and over time. Essentially, it is not real crackle on the surface, but an effect on the glazed part of ceramic keycap, delicately dressing it as ice cracks on frozen lake, creating unique and fantastic stories. 

Enhanced Backlit

Ceramic has greater light transmittance than any plastic, allowing more light to shine through, achieving peak and vibrant RGB illumination without compromising silky-smooth typing feel.

Indulge In Artistic Smooth Typing

The exclusive property of ceramics grants unique aesthetic appeal and silky smooth typing feel which no other keycaps could offer.

Exceptional Durability And Compatibility

We apply alumina ceramics as it has remarkable wear and impact resistance so you can type freely without worrying keys being broken or bend.  The new embedded plastic stem design also ensures extensive compatibility and durability.

Long-term Durability

All the glazes are fired at 1140~1280℃ to achieve long-term durability. Even under extreme room temperature as high as 40 ℃, ceramic keycap still remains cool to the touch without compromising the smooth typing feel.

Alumina Ceramics

Alumina ceramics is an advanced ceramic material favored among manufacturers for its outstanding attributes. Its hardness ranks second after diamond and wear resistance far exceeds steel and stainless steel. When applied to keycaps, it secures a solid smooth typing experience.

 The new plastic stem design significantly improves the durability and stability of ceramic keycaps, preventing itself from being broken or warped easily.