Creator Board by Work Louder

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Creator Board by Work Louder

The Creator Board revolutionizes keyboard design for creatives and tech professionals alike. Tailor your workspace with customizable shortcuts and macros, streamlined via easy-to-assign layouts. Its unique encoders enhance focus by allowing quick command adjustments without distraction, ideal for changing brush sizes, zooming, or scrolling. This modular keyboard includes the Work board, Nano pad, and Loop pad, each adding functionality to your setup. Elevate your environment with customizable RGB backlighting and underglow effects, creating the perfect aesthetic for productivity.

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by Work Louder

Designed for those who defy limits and change the world, the Creator Board is a keyboard like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Modular keyboard for digital creators -

Work Louder Than You Talk!

Whether you are an illustrator, 3D designer, photographer, developer, or streamer you need tools that augment your creativity, and help you realize your vision.

We built the only keyboard that adapts to you.

Harness the Power of Your Inner Short-Cut Ninja

Blaze through design iterations by easily assigning a completely custom keyboard layout for your short-cuts and macros, or modify an existing default layout for any of our supported software.

Stay Focused and Never Look Away Anymore

Give a spin to one of the encoders to enter a new way of using quick commands.

Use them for zooming, change brush size, scroll your history, change a color grade on-the-go or to control your media setup.

Modular Grid System

The Creator Board is composed of 3 primary boards: Work board, Nano pad, and Loop pad, which all bring different levels of utility to your workflow.

Thanks to the modular grid system of the base plate, you can arrange and add new component in the way that fits you best.

Enhance Your Setup

Light up your setup with backlight and underglow RGB colour effects. Choose from 30 different pre-set lighting effects or set your favorite color scheme per each board.