Freebird75 Extra Components

Sale price$42.00
Product Name: FB75 Hotswap ANSI PCB

Product Name

If you are looking for the FB75 Full Kit, please visit here.
If you are looking for the FB75 Case Only, please visit here.

If you are looking to purchase additional/extra components, you are in the right page. :)

Plate Options:

  • Aluminum
  • FR4
  • POM
  • PC

Freebird75 PCB:

To provide a better typing experience, the PCB will be utilizing a separate C3 Unified Daughterboard and JST Cable. Freebird75 PCB is QMK & VIA compatible.

PCB Options:

  • ANSI Hotswap PCB
  • ISO Hotswap PCB

Supported Layouts:



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