Gateron CAP Golden Brown V2 Switches

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Gateron CAP V2 switches utilize a new mold, and they have significantly less stem wobble compared to V1. Also, Cap V2 switches are slightly factory lubed. These will not come in the small PC cases like the V1s did! 

"Main difference in Milkys' and CAP v2 switches would be the sound. CAP switches tend to give off a more THOCKY sound than the regular switches, which are more CLACKY. Also, since it is factory-lubed, the scratchiness of stock browns are gone."

- Konata

These switches are factory-lubed, and its lube is on the oilier side, so if you are going to lube, please wipe a bit off before lubing. Or else.... that's going to be one wet switch.... 

CAP Golden Brown V2 Switch Specifications: 

  • 4mm Distance Travel
  • 55g Actuation
  • 5-pins
  • Tactile
  • Light Factory Lube

        Sound Tests by Jaeyou

        Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes (The guide is a reference, but some keyboards market a certain layout even though they require a few more or fewer switches. Always order a few more if you're unsure):

        • 120 - full size
        • 92 - TKL
        • 80 - 75%
        • 70 - 65%
        • 65 - 60%
        • 45 - 40%


        Selling in quantities of 1 & 10 per pack

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