Gateron CJ POM Linear Switches

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The Gateron CJ (China Joy) POM Linears offer the infamous INK top housing with POM bottom housing. Plus a POM stem. SHEEESH, talk about the next Clack King, right here! 

"These are definitely one of the most smoothest STOCK switch, I have EVER used. It's just so well produced, and definitely lives up to the CLACK kingdom. I, personally, do not recommend lubing these switches, as they sound JUST SO GOOD as stock. But hey, if you're just addicted to lubing all your switches, nobody's stopping you!"

- Konata

Oh, and yes, their housing is pretty tight, so films most likely will not fit. (lol)

Switch Specs:

  • Ink Top Housing
  • POM Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • 4mm Distance Travel
  • 50g Actuation
  • 5-pins
  • Stock
  • Linear

Switch Review & Sound Test by KeyBored


Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes (The guide is a reference, but some keyboards market a certain layout even though they require a few more or fewer switches. Always order a few more if you're unsure):

  • 120 - full size
  • 92 - TKL
  • 80 - 75%
  • 70 - 65%
  • 65 - 60%
  • 45 - 40%


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