Gateron Raw Linear Switches

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Gateron Raw Linear Switches are designed by Geon to be a go-to linear switch without hassle. The switches are outfitted with an improved triple-layered pin design that reduces the risk of bent pins. Experience a reliable switch with Gateron's superior engineering.

Gateron Raw Linear Switch Specifications:

  • Switch Type – Linear, Lubed at Metal Contact, Stem, Unlubed at Spring
  • Bottom-out Force – 62.5g
  • Spring Length - 15.0mm
  • Spring Type - Single-Stage
  • Pre Travel - 2.0mm
  • Top Housing Material - PC
  • Bottom Housing Material - NYLON
  • Stem Material - POM
  • Travel - 3.7mm
  • Mounting pins - 5pins

Sold in quantities of 1 switch.

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