Geon Raptor HE Switches

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Geon Raptor HE Switch—an advanced innovation designed for precision and speed. Featuring advanced Linear mechanics and integrated Hall Effect technology, this switch delivers lightning-fast and precise keystroke responses. With optimized operating force and durability, the Raptor HE delivers reliability in intense gaming sessions. Its sleek design complements any gaming setup, offering a customizable experience compatible with various keyboard layouts. Unleash the power of precision and Hall Effect technology, upgrading your gaming arsenal to embrace performance and excellence.

This is only compatible with some keyboards that support the Hall Effect.

Not Compatible with Cherry MX.

Confirmed Compatible Keyboards:

  • Wooting 60HE,
  • Corsair K70 MAX
  • SteelSeries APEX PRO (Non-RGB)

Keyboards without calibration will require re-adjustment of the trigger position as the input position may be slightly different.

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