JWK JwickYellow Linear Switches

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JWK Jwick Linear Switches are one of the community's favorite budget linears!!! Due to its nylon housings, it definitely gives a deeper sound profile than its competitors. Get ready to build your next keyboard without breaking several wallets!!

And yes, they are cherry clones, but way smoother stock.

All switches are 5-pins.

    Jwick Yellow Switch Specifications:

    • 4mm Distance Travel
    • 65g Bottom-out
    • Top Housing as PC
    • Bottom Housing as Nylon
    • Stem as POM

      JWK Yellow's Review/Sound Test by nearLucid

      JWK Blacks' Sound Test by dokidokeys


      Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes: (This is just a general guide, always order a few more if you aren't sure!)

      • 120 - full size
      • 92 - TKL
      • 80 - 75%
      • 70 - 65%
      • 65 - 60%
      • 45 - 40%

      Sold in quantities of 1.

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