kfaPBT Forest Watcher Keycaps by KFA X Captain Sterling

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by KeebsForAll X Captain Sterling

kfaPBT Forest Watcher keycaps navy and green mechanical keyboards. Inspired by lush greenery of a forest with a touch of magic.

Channel the spirit of a watchful guardian with our Forest Watcher keycaps.

All You Need To Know About our kfaPBT keycaps

kfaPBT Keycap Specs

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Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

Keycap Thickness


Inking Process

Dye-Sub & Reverse Dye-Sub

Supported Layouts

60% 65% 70% 100% Mechanical Keyboards

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Quality Ensured

Made from premium 1.5mm thick PBT material, these keycaps offer exceptional durability and a luxurious typing feel. With dye-sub and reverse dye-sub printing, the keycaps ensure long-lasting, vibrant key legends that won't fade over time. The PBT material minimizes shine and provides a satisfying textured surface. Our high-quality PBT keycaps ensure a reliable and long-lasting investment for your keyboard, so you can type away with confidence.

[Pre-Order] kfaPBT Forest Watcher Keycaps by KFA X Captain Sterling - KeebsForAll

Multi Layout Supported

At KeebsForAll, we prioritize versatility in our kfaPBT keycap sets to accommodate various keyboard layouts. We value community input and strive to offer a wide range of keycap variations that cater to your specific needs. In addition, we're excited to announce that our latest sets now feature Mac legends, further expanding compatibility and customization options for Mac users. Your keyboard setup just got even more tailored to your preferences.

Unique Design

The kfaPBT Forest Watcher keycaps, crafted from a unique collaboration between KFA and Captain Sterling, immerse you in the mystique of the forest's protective spirit. This harmonious blend of artistry and function is exclusively available on our website.

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[Pre-Order] kfaPBT Forest Watcher Keycaps by KFA X Captain Sterling - KeebsForAll

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