Momoka Frog V3 Linear Switches

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Fairly new into the community, Momoka! Just because they haven't been around as long as Gateron and Durock, they still create amazing switches and keycap sets! 

So, here we are, introducing their 2 linear switches, the Frogs v3 & Flamingos. Both feature the dustproofing shroud and remarkable factory-lubing.

"As Momoka advertises, these switches are great on the go! Even more so, for the Flamingo, as this switch is the revised version of the Frogs. Huge difference between these two are spring weights, distance travel, and factory-lubing procedures. Frogs itself is very smooth stock linear, but it's quite on the light side. You would had to spring swapped them, but now with the Flamingos at 67g, you could opt in for them, instead."

"Frogs are factory-lubed with GPL 105. Flamingos are factory-lubed with 3 different types of lubricants that was not specified by Momoka. But damn, these feel hella nice."

"If I had to compare these with the NK Silks, I would say the factory-lubing of Momoka is wayyy better than the Silks. Of course, the Frogs may feel a bit dry compared to the Flamingos, nevertheless, they still are good stocks."

- Konata

Momoka Frogs v3

  • 3.7mm Distance Travel
  • 3-pins
  • Top Housing as PC
  • Bottom Housing as Nylon
  • Stem as POM
  • 54g Actuation

    Our Sound Test (Momoka Frogs v3)


    Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes (The guide is a reference, but some keyboards market a certain layout even though they require a few more or fewer switches. Always order a few more if you're unsure):

    • 120 - full size
    • 92 - TKL
    • 80 - 75%
    • 70 - 65%
    • 65 - 60%
    • 45 - 40%

    Selling in quantities of 1

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