[Pre-Order] DMK Deicide Keycaps by Thumb Key

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Unleash the warrior within with the DMK DEICIDE KEYCAPS by Thumb Key, inspired by the god of war and designed for those who demand power and precision. A collaboration between Thumb Key and Domikey, these keycaps blend mythology with top-notch craftsmanship for a superior typing experience. Sign up to receive an email for the launch and transform your keyboard with this exclusive, durable design that’s ready for any battle.

In the captivating DEICIDE theme, Thumb Key masterfully blends tradition and mystique through their Alpha kits, each uniquely designed with English and Rune letters. Featuring three distinct styles: "English and Rune" where modern meets ancient, "Rune and English" that prioritizes the enigmatic beauty of runes, and "Runic English and Rune" – a seamless fusion of both languages in an enchanting display. Each set invites you into a realm where every keystroke tells a story woven from the threads of mythology and contemporary elegance.

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Unleash the Warrior