[Pre-Order] Molly60 Add-On (PCB/Plate)

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Molly60 is a 60%, wallet-friendly keyboard by NLandKeys that support multi layout.

Choose from the various add-ons to customize your Molly60.

Pre-Order Dates: August 2nd, 2023 until units sell out
Delivery: Q1 2024
More about the Molly60:
Alexotos Molly60 Video:
Supported Layouts:


US: KeebsForAll
CA: Mech.Land
AU: AllCaps
ROW: NLandKeys
QC Standards:
- NLandKeys will try its best to produce cases that look just as nice as keyboards that cost 5x as much. From a typical viewing distance during normal use, the keyboard should be free of significant bumps, scratches, and chips. This does not include slight imperfections that are only viewable in certain angles and lighting conditions
- Any imperfection (scratch, gloss, discoloration, mark, bump, difference in texture) under 1.5mm on the exterior of the case will not be considered for replacement.
- The top and bottom cases are separate halves and are machined separately, due to the difference in tolerance there may be slight horizontal displacement/difference in the form of one-half relative to the other. The spray coating adds thickness, so depending on the spread, the apparent seam between the two cases may vary very slightly in certain parts. 
- NLandKeys will try its best to make the interior of the cases as nice as the exterior, but in some cases, there may exist various marks inside the keyboard case, which would not be visible once fully assembled. This may include, but is not limited to uneven spraying, accumulation of powder, scratches, and marks left from the hanging points.
PVD finishes on stainless steel and brass weight cover a large area, which is prone to slight imperfections. There may be fine particles embedded on the surface. There may be distortions of reflection on certain parts. 
- All hot-swap sockets, no matter the PCB or manufacturer, are prone to breaking off when switches are installed without bracing the hot-swap sockets from the back. NLandKeys will not replace PCBS that are damaged due to user error. Please inspect your PCB as soon as you receive your keyboard kit for any damage caused during transit or production. If you find anything wrong please contact your vendor within 24 hours. 
- The renders provided on this page are for reference only. A photograph of all color sample swatches has been provided on this page. NLandKeys will try its best to match the final product to the render as closely as possible. However, due to the nature of production, the colors may vary slightly. 

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