TTC x KBDFans Hey Linear Switches

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Looking for a good linear stock switch? Good, these switches recently were manufactured by TTC. With their improved light guide, your back light or RGB shines through very easily. The factory-lube is not too heavy, so it can be used as stock, refer to the sound test video below. 

"Hey, it's the switch nerd of KFA here, once again! I would compare the TTC Hey with the Momoka Frogs v3 because they have very similar feel and sound. But if I had to name a difference, the TTC Hey is a bit more smoother, less of that scratchy noise. AND if you like using hotswap RGB keyboards like me, these switches are the way to go, even if the housing is black, their light guide definitely allows the color to stay true to its color. For example: if I turn white light, it will still shine through as white. Etc."

- Konata


  • Linear; 5-pin
  • Lightly Factory-lubed 
  • Improved light guide
  • POM Stem with Nylon Housings
  • Double-stage gold-plated spring
  • Operating force: 50g
  • Bottom-out: 58g

Sound Test by Keyeah

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