TX AP Clip-In Stabilizers (Rev. 4)

Sale price$18.00
Size: 1.2T


Color: White
Kit: Base Kit


TX AP Stabilizers Rev 4 by TX Keyboard

Take control of your typing experience with TX AP Stabilizers! Achieve precision and accuracy with the almost perfect revision, which features improved housing and stem for a snug fit — delivering wire stability & noise mitigation. Push yourself deeper into the typing adventure with these unbeatable stabilizers!

TX AP Stabilizers Rev. 4 Base Kit Includes:

  • 10x Housings and 10x Stems
  • 4x 2u Wires
  • 1x 6.25u Wire
  • 1x 7u Wire
  • 1 Set of Stabilizer Stoppers

  TX AP Stabilizers Rev. 4 2U Kit Includes:

  • 6x Housings and 6x Stems
  • 3x 2u Wires
  • 1 Set of Stabilizer Stoppers

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