TX AP Long Pole Plate Mount Stabilizers

Sale price$7.00
Color: Black
Kit: 2U Kit


TX AP Long Pole Plate Mount Stabilizers, a kin25 innovation that transforms clip-in long pole stabilizers into a plate mount design. By reducing the total travel distance of the stabilizers, these "Almost Perfect" stabilizers offer improved housing and stem design to enhance wire fitment, reduce wobble, and minimize unwanted noise.

Key Features of TX AP Plate Mount Stabilizers:

  • Crafted by kin25 for peak performance
  • Plate mount stabilizers with long poles and 1mm stems
  • 3.5mm stroke travel for precise keypresses
  • Doubleshot stem for superior wire fitment
  • Outer shell constructed from durable POM material
  • Inner components made of a blend of TPU and POM for reliability
  • Compatible with both 6.25U and 7U layouts
  • Suitable for 1.5T plate thickness
  • Conforms to standard Cherry sizing
  • Available in a sleek black color option

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