TX AP Long Pole Stabilizers

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Size: 1.2T


Color: White
Kit: Base Kit


TX AP Long Pole Stabilizers by TX Keyboard

Take control of your typing experience with TX AP Long Pole Stabilizers! Achieve precision and accuracy with the almost perfect revision, which features improved housing and stem for a snug fit — delivering wire stability & noise mitigation. Push yourself deeper into the typing adventure with these unbeatable stabilizers!

TX AP LP (Long Pole) Stabilizers Base Kit Includes:

  • Clip-in
  • 10x Housings and 10x Stems
  • 4x 2u Wires
  • 1x 6.25u Wire
  • 1x 7u Wire
  • 1 Set of Stabilizer Stoppers

TX AP LP (Long Pole) Stabilizers 2u Kit Includes:

  • 6x Housings and 6x Stems
  • 3x 2u Wires
  • 1 Set of Stabilizer Stoppers

Photo Credit to Dangkeebs.

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