TX AP Screw-in Stabilizers

Sale price$18.00
Size: 1.2T


Color: White
Kit: Base Kit


TX AP Screw-in Stabilizers

A product of popular demand. These stabilizers embody the cherished features of the AP Stabilizers, such as the doubleshot stem and wire consistency, while now offering PCB screw-in compatibility for an even more secure mounting experience.

Key Features of TX AP Screw-in Stabilizers:

  • Designed by kin25, ensuring quality performance
  • Screw-in stabilizers for enhanced stability
  • Doubleshot stem for precise wire fitment
  • Outer casing made of robust POM material
  • Inner components crafted from a blend of TPU and POM
  • Compatible with both 6.25U and 7U layouts
  • Available in a variety of colors: Black, White, Pink, and Green/White
  • Two thickness options: 1.6T (Normal PCB) and 1.2T

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