TX Long Pole Stabilizers

Sale price$18.00
Color: White
Type: WK Set (6.25u)


Size: 1.2T


TX Long Pole Stabilizers are designed by kin25, featuring the original Cherry clip-in design to minimize rattling and prevent wire pop-out. TX stabilizer utilizes a POM stem, and TPU & POM mixture interior to minimize the bottom out noise and wire rattling.

TX Long Pole Stabilizers Specification:

  • Clip-In Stabilizers
  • Long Pole, 1mm Stem
  • Double Shot Stem (POM Exterior; TPU & POM Interior)
  • 3.5mm Stroke Travel
  • Stabilizer Stoppers included
  • Designed by kin25
  • Available In:
    • White, Black, Beige/Orange
    • WK (6.25u) Kit, WKL (7u) Kit
    • 1.2T PCB, 1.6T PCB (most common)

TX Long Pole Stabilizer Includes:

  • WK/WKL Set
    • 4x 2u Wires
    • 1x 6.25u or 7u Wire
    • 10x Housings and Stems
    • 1 Pack of Stab Stoppers

Picture credit: Dangkeebs

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