Vortex Model M SSK KIT

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Color: Silver
Select Layout: 7.0u WKL

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Step back into the golden age of computing with the Vortex Model M SSK Kit, a nostalgic follow-up to the PC66. This build-it-yourself kit includes an upcoming guide to assist you. Featuring wired QMK configuration, gasket mount dampening, south-facing LEDs, and switches, it offers a customizable and quiet typing experience. With solder layout options for stepped caps and Tsangan configurations, USB-C connectivity, and various stylish colors, this kit lets you create your perfect retro keyboard.


If you choose the WK case, it will come with 6.25u PCB. If you want to place 7u PCBs in WK case, you would have to purchase it additionally.

It does have a winkey(1u) on 7u PCB.




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