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Case Color: White
Weight Color: E-white

February/March 2024 Pre-Orders are now open!

Zoom98 by Meletrix
revolutionizes keyboards with a blend of elegance and vast customization. This 104/107 kit features a glowing telescope logo, replacing the Dot RGB design, and vibrant side lights. Zoom 98's 4 modular 2U options allow interchanges like LCDs, knobs, or badges. Compatible with Zoom75 components, it also showcases a dynamic RGB underside. Supporting a 98% layout, gasket mount, and a tri-mode connection, ZOOM 98 versatile for all platforms. Housed in aluminum with a 4500mAh battery, the Zoom 98 Tri-Mode by Meletrix merges beauty with tech prowess.

All Zoom98 variants in this pre-order come with a Tri-Mode Flex Cut Hotswap RGB PCB and default weight color. 

    Take a look at the Zoom98 Extra Add-Ons here.


    by Meletrix


    Customize your typing experience with hot-swappable switches, interchangeable external weight, and many keycap theme options.

    (NOTE: Zoom98 is a Barebones kit only (includes stabilizers). Switches and keycaps can be added on in a bundle or purchased separately.

    All About The Zoom98

    The perfect customizable 98% Keyboard. Personalize yours with various colors, back plates, weights, and knobs. Don't miss the exclusive limited edition in 5 captivating colors. Embrace excitement and make it your own!

    Zoom98 Tri-Mode Keycapless Edition (KLE) by Meletrix - KeebsForAll
    Zoom98 Tri-Mode Keycapless Edition (KLE) by Meletrix - KeebsForAll


    Top Case: includes a Telescope with an LED diffuser. Bottom Case: has ambient lights with our new side profile design. 

    Multiple colors and lighting effects can be chosen.


    Choose between a Tri-Mode Version-Defaults with the Screen Module or a Wired Version-Defaults with the 2-keys Module.


    1. The Tri-mode version defaults with the screen module, so the 2-keys module, badge module, and knob module need to be purchased separately;

    2. The wired version defaults with the 2-keys module, so the badge module and knob module need to be purchased separately (The screen module is not supported).

    3. All module bases are not compatible with ZOOM75.

    4. Each kit has a default module (Tri-mode: LCD screen or Wired: Two-keys). In addition, please add the corresponding module base to your shopping cart if you need to purchase other accessories for customization. 


    The lens is compatible with the ZOOM75 series, but the screen PCB is not compatible.


    Badges are compatible with the ZOOM75 series.


    The knob is compatible with ZOOM65/75/PAD series.
    NOTE: Telescope Logo Design instead of Dot RGB Design.

    Knob Compatibility

    The Knobs are compatible with ZOOM65/75/PAD series, and lovely Spinny Friends knobs also as an add-on option. Featuring a cute animal pattern design, they offer a unique companion for your keyboard.

    Gasket Slip Design

    Stability, ease of installation, durability, and long-lasting flexibility come together seamlessly.

    Per-Key RGB

    The Tri-Mode PCB enables per-key RGB lighting, offering a diverse selection of colors and effects to enhance your visual experience. It is compatible with wired, wireless, and 2.4GHz modes, except for the wired PCB which lacks this feature.

    NOTE: Telescope Logo Design instead of Dot RGB Design.

    New WS Stabilizer V3.1

    The new stabilizers that come with ZOOM98 are in a 9+1 configuration, 9x2U+1x 6.25U, and support splitting. This new version of the black stabilizers is which follows the original ZOOM75 silicone stabilizers, and is changed from the original pure black to glitter black. At the same time, it is lightly factory-lubed so novices can easily get started and no longer have to worry about lubrication.


    Unlike traditional keyboards, you are not stuck with just one layout on Zoom98! Change things up every now and then with split (spacebars, back space, left shift, right shift),stepped caps Lock, ISO & ANSI enter.

    Foam Included

    PCB and Bottom Case are made of lighter PORON material. To reduce resonance, many tests were done on the foaming material this time. We made the PORON lighter and the foam pores dense. Every minor detail matters a lot, with the current poron, the sound is more concentrated and is deeper than with normal dampeners.