ZoomPad Extra Back Plate Kit

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Back Plate Kit: Silver (Stainless Steel PVD Mirror)


by Meletrix

ZoomPad by Meletrix is the ultimate companion for your keyboard experience.

All About The ZoomPad

Your Customizable Numpad from the Zoom Series. Personalize it with various colors, back plates, weights, and knobs. Don't miss the exclusive limited edition in 5 captivating colors. Embrace excitement and make it your own!

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Create Your Ultimate ZoomPad

ZoomPad by Meletrix - KeebsForAll

The Zoom 75's Perfect Companion

ZoomPad X Teacaps Brown Sugar Boba Edition

Explore The ZoomPad's Key Features

Unique Chamfer 

Special Editions(Except GT Silver) will have an anodized or Electrophoresis (for the white) finish. Chamfers are polished too like the ZOOM75.

New Nightlight Knobs

The ZoomPad features the newly designed Nightlight knobs. And five lovely new knobs have also been introduced. These knobs can be rotated to adjust the volume and pressed to toggle mute. Additionally, VIA allows users to assign any command to these three actions, providing further customization options.

Per-Key RGB

The Tri-Mode PCB enables per-key RGB lighting, offering a diverse selection of colors and effects to enhance your visual experience. It is compatible with wired, wireless, and 2.4GHz modes, except for the wired PCB which lacks this feature.

(Wired PCB does not have this function)

Optional PCB

To expand the range of choices available to all, the PCB now offers two options: tri-mode and wired. The thickness remains at 1.2mm. The design incorporates a daughterboard that can be securely attached independently, effectively preventing the positioning of the Type-C interface from being affected by the cut-out on the case.

Gasket Sleeves

The gasket sleeves are constructed from supercritical foam, which serves to stabilize the plate while also providing adequate room for it to flex in a harmonious manner. They possess an optimal level of softness, neither excessively rigid nor excessively flexible.

Internal Foam

Extensive testing was conducted on the foaming material of the ZoomPad to minimize resonance. Meletrix successfully developed a lighter and denser PORON material, resulting in a keyboard sound that is more focused and deeper compared to the default settings.

Explore the ZoomPad's Key Features

Triple Mode PCB

An all-in-one PCB! You can connect to your devices via Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4Ghz RF, and in plain old wired mode. You can charge the battery with any USB-C cable(USB Cable not included), or simply use it in wired mode for a while!

VIA Compatible

The new Tri-Mode PCB is fully compatible with VIA, the powerful GUI widely renowned for its customizability and ease of use. Remap any key on the keyboard on 4 different layers, including the knob. Use built-in powerful shortcuts and macros, or define your own!

Battery Included

Every ZoomPad comes with a 600 mAh Li-ion battery included in the kit. Once it's out of charge simply connect your keyboard to your PC / laptop using the USB-C cable(USB Cable not included).