KFA Purchasing Guide: Group Buy, Pre-Order, In-Stock, Marketplace

At KeebsForAll, there are a couple of different ways that we sell our many awesome keyboard products. Here’s a handy little guide to help you differentiate between each of these different styles of sale you may see!

Groupbuys (GBs) are a way for the community to pool together funds in order to get the lowest prices for their premium keyboards and/or keycaps. By paying now, you get the lowest prices in exchange for waiting for manufacturing times. Wait times will vary depending on the product, so read the GB page carefully!

Pre-Orders take place on premium keyboards and/or keycaps after we’ve submitted an order to the manufacturer already. Since we picked up some extra kits ourselves, the prices will be slightly higher in exchange for a shorter wait time than group-buys!

In stock products are ones already sitting in a KFA warehouse and are ready to be purchased! Submitting an order on this type of product means we will ship it out within a few days and you’ll be that much closer to your endgame keyboard.

Have you ever wanted to buy keyboards, keycaps, or other tech products which were released before you joined the hobby?  Have you missed a group buy you would have loved to join?

The KFA Marketplace is just the spot where you can buy products from other enthusiasts. All products will be checked to verify their condition and ship straight from the KFA warehouse within a few weeks!

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Manufacturing premium keyboards and keycap sets is not a cheap and easy process! From KeebsForAll’s side, we have to place large custom orders with manufacturers to bring products such as our Freebird TKL to you all. In order to lower costs while keeping quality high, we have to do so by organizing a group buy with longer wait times. In fact, each of the sale formats have a trade off in which you can maximize two of the bubbles above at the expense of the other. We are currently working on ways to maximize all three of these aspects and aim to have more products in stock and with lesser wait times!

Still confused? Come join our Discord server to ask any questions you have! :)

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