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Colorway: Milky White (Electrophoresis)


PCB: ANSI Support


Lucky65 Wireless Full-RGB Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard Kit

The Lucky65 personalized keyboard, designed to elevate your typing experience to new heights. With our exclusive customization software, you have the power to tailor every aspect of your keyboard to suit your unique preferences. Not only can you effortlessly set the perfect lighting mode, but you can also customize individual keys, enhancing versatility and ensuring your keyboard perfectly aligns with your personal needs.

Crafted with precision and care, the XinMeng switches featured in the Lucky65 undergo rigorous calibration to deliver unparalleled stability and typing feel. Prepare to immerse yourself in a typing experience like never before, where each keystroke feels smooth and precise, empowering you to accomplish more with ease.

Say goodbye to constant charging interruptions with the Lucky65's impressive 3500mAh battery. Experience up to 2-3 weeks of uninterrupted usage without RGB lighting, allowing you to dive into work or entertainment without worrying about battery life. 

But that's not all – the Lucky65 seamlessly transitions between wireless and wired modes, giving you the flexibility to charge and use your keyboard simultaneously. With the Lucky65, convenience meets performance, ensuring you're always ready to tackle whatever comes your way. 

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Wireless Full-RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard

Main Features

  • 79USD Only
  • PCB Gasket Mount
  • Five Types of  Foams
  • 2.4G, Wired, Bluetooth connection
  • CNC Aluminum
  • PCB With Flex Cuts
  • PC Plate With Flex Cuts
  • 3750mAh Battery
  • Per-key RGB Lights
  • Anodized/Electro Colors
  • Aluminum gold weight

Endless Choices

With up to seven variants you will be sure to find your favorite style!

Five Types of Foams

The five layers of foam and the professional structural design greatly enhance the typing experience of Lucky65.

3 Types of Connections

Support BT5.0, 2.4G wireless and Type-C wired three connection modes. The triple-mode connection meets users’ different usage requirements, and there are 3 devices can be freely switched in Bluetooth mode.

Unique Design

The back of the keyboard is engraved with a four leaf clover that symbolizes happiness and luck.


The exclusive Lucky65 personalized keyboard customization software provided by the factory can not only set the lighting mode but also freely change the keys, increasing the diversity of use and making the keyboard more in line with your personal needs.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Lucky65 offers a 3500mAh battery, delivering up to 2-3 weeks of usage without RGB. Long battery life ensures uninterrupted work and entertainment, allowing you to stay productive and stay connected wirelessly for longer, without the need for frequent charging. What's more, it allows you to charge and use at the same time in wired mode.

Precision-Tuned Stabilizers

After multiple precision calibrations, XinMeng stabs have reached the industry's top level in terms of stability and typing feel, allowing you to enjoy an unprecedented typing experience during the typing process.

Hidden Switch

The hidden switch does not affect the appearance of the keyboard,  and it brings a more attractive use experience. It is under the TAB, you can switch to wired mode by using the switch or pressing FN+TAB.

Dynamic Lighting

Illuminate your workspace with vibrant RGB backlighting, customizable to suit your mood or environment.

PCB Layout

ANSI Support or ISO Support
Split Space Support.

Product Specification

All the intricate details you need to know about the Lucky65.


Wired, 2.4G, BT5.0


6063 Aluminum


150 Mesh Anodized (Carmine, Silver, Black, Navy Blue, Violet) 
Electrophoresis (Wave Blue, Milky White)


Poron Foam
PET Noise Cancellation Pad
EPMD Dampening Pad
PET Insulation Pad


Gold Anodized Aluminum Weight

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