Durock Sunflower POM T1 Tactile Switches

  • A batch of JWK Durock POM Tactile T1 sunflower mechanical switches arranged in a smiling face.

Durock Sunflower POM T1 Tactile Switches


JWK Durock is known for its super smooth linear switches. The original T1s were a great budget tactile option, but the new POM version, dubbed the Sunflower, uses the same POM materials as their POM linear switches, which are known as one of the smoothest linear switches on the market. Now tactile switch lovers can achieve the same level of smoothness without sacrificing tactility. These switches are a must-have for all tactile lovers.

Sound Test:

1. Stock, no lube (Youtube-Jaeyou Park) Original T1s, not POM version.

2. Lubed (Youtube-maxf) Original T1s, not POM version.


  • POM Housing
  • Mystery Blend Material for Stem
  • 5 pins
  • 67g Springs
  • Factory Unlubed
  • 4mm Travel
  • 2mm Operating