I have always loved mechanical keyboards, but I have always bought them from mainstream vendors. After spending hundreds of dollars, we still couldn't find one that felt good to type on. This led us down the long descent into the world of the custom mechanical keyboard scene… In just a few months, we went from having zero customs to having five--three of which we built ourselves. Like many of you, we are still looking for our endgame keeb.

While we were looking for parts, we noticed that this hobby isn't the most beginner friendly with parts constantly going out of stock and taking months to restock, but only to sell out almost immediately. The price on many standard non-group buy parts were also extremely expensive, which makes it harder for members of the community to source high quality parts in a reasonable amount of time.

This is why I started KeebsForAll. Our goal is to make this store the most reliable and affordable one for members of the community in the US and Canada, by keeping products in-stock at reasonable prices; and offering returns within 14 days--no questions asked.

We truly appreciate all of your support, and thank you for being a part of the growing KeebsForAll community.