[Pre-Order] DOYS Keycaps Series by Deadline Studio

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Kit: A Kit


Color: Warm White (Solid Color) - PC

DOYS Keycaps - The unique profile keycap set by Deadline Studio with a sleek, thin design. The square base and slim cylinder top will give your keycaps a unique touch. DOYS Keycaps allow for endless creativity with no legends and ample color choices to customize your keyboard to your liking.


A kit  : 1u x 32

B kit  : 1u x 12 (including blind spots) and 2u x 2

Mod kit  : 33 pcs Including

1.25u x 8

1.5u x 8

1.75u x 3

2u x 2

2.25u x 3

2.75u x 1

6.25u x 1

7u x 1

1u one blind spot x 3

1u two blind spots/ three blind spots/ four points x 1

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